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Ferry Steps, Great Yarmouth

This compact site is important to it’s specific stretch of riverside as it’s the only location the lifeboat can offload a stretcher from the River Yare onto the East Quay. So when the existing steel sheet piles fell into disrepair it was essential a swift and suitable refurbishment was carried out. The new staircase was to be a pre-determined width and constructed from new weather resistant materials for a prolonged life. The design and installation of the new steel sheet facing piles, removal of the old members and construction of the new RC capping beam was all specified and overseen by HA Consulting Engineers.

Client Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Contractor BAM Nuttall Ltd


Enlargement to Riverside Wet Dock, Great Yarmouth

This project involved the decommission of the original tandem dry dock which was insufficient to accommodate the modern ships. The furthest inland dock was in-filled and the outer dock, closest to the river had a new piled runway beam installed on both sides to act as a platform for a new 200 tonne mobile hoist to be used to lift vessels out of the dock and transport them to a working area. Also a portion of the dockyard slabs and flood walls were enhanced as part of this project, the design and specification of which was carried out by HA Consulting Engineers.

Client Richards Dockyards
Contractor G.T. Rochester Ltd


New Steel Sheet Piled Wall, Snodland, Kent

The existing flood wall required replacement, but due to the proximity of an existing building and other plant an innovative solution was devised to eliminate the installation of ties beneath the building and the plant so a diaphragm sheet piled wall was designed to overcome the need for tying the wall back to any anchor blocks inland. The design and construction was subject to approval of the Environment Agency and the project was carried out on time and in budget as a ‘Design & Build’ project in collaboration with the main contractor.

Client Smurfitt Kappa
Contractor Breheny Contractors Ltd


West Quay Impact Damage, Great Yarmouth

Occasionally there are accidents on the water, and depending on their severity some of them need to be repaired or replaced as efficiently as possible. After a large ship impact on the West Quay of the Steel Sheet Piled wall on the River Yare in Great Yarmouth HA Consulting Engineers carried out an inspection of the damage and quickly worked up a remedial scheme. This involved the design of some replacement sheet piles and breaking out the existing capping beam in order to replace it with a new reinforced section which was designed, detailed and scheduled in house.

Client Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Contractor G.T.Rochester Ltd


New Private Residence, Brundall, Norfolk

As part of the construction or the reinforced concrete foundations of this new house, the existing timber piles were removed and replaced with a new sustainable aluminium sheet piling system and a new timber capping beam and jetty to imitate the other nearby properties. All substructure, reinforcement, anchor beams, sheet piles, timber elements and landscaping was overseen by HA Consulting Engineers.

Client Private Residential
Contractor G.T. Rochester Ltd